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Comprehensive Video & Audio Production Services for Advertising & Branding

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Video Production Company

Looking for a production partner for your production needs? Look no further than A&G Studio! We're a full-service production company that works hand-in-hand with advertising agencies and brands nationwide, crafting engaging video content, commercials, audio post-production, catchy radio ads, and dynamic digital advertising content. Our expertise lies in meticulously planning, casting, filming, editing, animating, and color correcting to manage every detail of the production process for your next project. Whether you're a brand or an agency, we strive to create unique narratives and compelling stories that resonate with your audience.

At A&G Studio, our talented team of video and audio production whizzes are ready to catapult your advertising campaign to new heights. We'll partner with your creative department, weaving our creative magic into your vision, to produce captivating video, audio, and motion graphics that truly reflect your clients and their brands. Consider us as more than just a vendor; think of A&G Studio as a vital cog in your production machinery, a dedicated ally ready to bring your ideas to life. Need a voiceover session, a skilled videographer, or a top-notch camera crew in your city or even nationwide?We've got you covered! Thanks to our cutting-edge remote video production and video editing technology, we can collaborate in real-time, delivering high-quality work from the comfort of your office. Our recording applications facilitate a seamless experience, making us a reliable partner in creating memorable and impactful ad campaigns. So, for an unparalleled creative journey, choose A&G Studio – the perfect blend of innovation, creativity, and technical expertise in video and audio production. Let's create something extraordinary together!

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Meticulous Planning & Creative Execution

Step into the world of A&G Studio, where pre-production is not just a phas A complete creative journey designed to deliver a seamless and unforgettable experience for our clients. Our exceptional team, including inspired creative directors and experienced executive producers, work in sync with your team. Together, we'll shape your ideas into a winning concept, breathe life into scripts with our innovative copywriting, find the perfect faces for your project through our comprehensive casting process, and discover the best scenes through exhaustive location scouting. At A&G Studio, we make the legwork easier for you, handling all the nitty-gritty like permits, insurance, director selection.
Pre-Production | A&G Studio


Exciting & Seamless Experience

Dive into the exhilarating world of on-location production with A&G Studio, your comfort and creativity are our priority. Join us on-site or virtually, and let our executive producers manage all details, allowing you to focus solely on your project's creative aspects.We guarantee a smooth, efficient shoot, thanks to our well-organized sets and knack for bringing out the best in all talents involved. Sit back, review the latest take, and revel in the VIP experience, knowing our dedicated team is tirelessly crafting your content.At A&G Studio, we don't just create content; we create unforgettable experiences, ensuring excellence in every frame of your on-location production.
Video production company


Comprehensive & Cutting-Edge Solutions

A&G Studio offers full-service post-production, ensuring your project shines even after the excitement of the video shoot subsides. Our skilled editors employ industry-leading software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Black magic Resolve, Cinema 4D, and Flame for VFX, guaranteeing a polished final product tailored to your needs. Our state-of-the-art audio post-production suites feature ProTools HD, along with 3D surround sound mixing capabilities, delivering animmersive auditory experience. Rest assured that when your content airs, every detail has been expertly accounted for.
Video production company


Exceptional Talent & Personalized Selection

Explore the extensive world of exceptional voiceover talent at A&G Studio with our advanced internal casting engine, which showcases a diverse roster of over 500 top-tier voiceover artists from across the globe. Through A&G Casting, our seasoned casting director takes your script and transforms it into a customized voiceover audition, meticulously tailored to meet your specific vocal needs. Select from some of the finest voices in the industry and allow their remarkable abilities to elevate your project. Let A&G Studio be the bridge between your vision and the perfect voice to express it.
Voiceover Casting | A&G Studio


Unleashing the Power of Imagination
A&G Studio excels in crafting captivating radio commercials that spark the listener's imagination. We collaborate with independent producers, advertising agencies, e-learning production companies, radio networks, and broadcast production houses to create immersive and engaging audio content. Our end-to-end services include casting, recording, and mixing your radio commercial, Utilizing ProTools HD, the industry-standard for audio production, we deliver exceptional sound quality for your project. A&G Studio's extensive resources include a blanket license to one of the most comprehensive and frequently updated music libraries and terabytes of sound effects.
Radio Commercials | A&G Studio


Virtual Production Workflow
A&G, powered by Vū, boasts an expansive 40,000 square foot studio, equipped with two versatile stages and an innovative LED Dome, offering Hollywood-level capabilities nestled away from the busy streets of Los Angeles. At A&G, our dedicated team of virtual production specialists meticulously crafts each project from the ground up. From pre-visualization support and creating virtual art, we handle every aspect of the production process. With Vu's technology, you can capture the golden hour's perfect lighting at any time of day, all within the comfort of a controlled environment. Elevate your next project with the advanced solutions at A&G powered by Vū, where your vision meets our innovation.
A&G Powered by Vū | A&G Studio


Unbridled Imagination
Dive into the world of captivating animation and motion graphics with A&G Studio's creative post-production services. Elevate your video productions with a wide range of bespoke offerings, including custom lower thirds, seamless transitions, cutting-edge VFX for filmand television, engaging animated explainer videos, and dynamic logo animations
Animation & Motion Graphics | A&G Studio


A&G Studio's sound design services ensure that everyon-screen action is perfectly complemented by its auditory counterpart. Our meticulous attention to detail encompasses foley sound effects, original music composition, precise music drops, and all the subtle clinks and clanks that resonate with your target audience, making your message truly unforgettable.
Sound Design | A&G Studio


Photo Video
We provide top-tier corporate photo and video services, catering to businesses of all sizes and marketing agencies. Equipped with the latest in camera technology and video editing software, our team delivers high-quality visual content that elevates your brand.Our experienced photographers and videographers excel in corporate settings, ensuring every project—from events to promotional videos and professional headshots—reflects your corporate identity. We also offer a vast library of royalty-free music and state-of-the-art post-production facilities to enhance your visuals, ensuring they make a lasting impression.
Sound Design | A&G Studio


Fly it today
Our FAA licensed, Part 107 Certified UAS pilot is ready to meet your aerial filming needs, no matter the location or context. We have successfully captured drone footage for a diverse range of sectors, from hospitality and construction to short films and beyond. Adding drone footage to your video production can inject a thrilling and dynamic perspective that captivates audiences. Our advanced drone fleet is equipped to shoot in various formats including raw, ProRes, or any specific format your director requires, ensuring high-quality results tailored to your project's needs.
Sound Design | A&G Studio

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