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A&G Studio is your trusted partner in encapsulating the unforgettable moments from your corporate events. Our talented event photographers and videographers excel at capturing the very essence of your conferences, meetings, or special gatherings, providing you with stunning visuals that tell the story of your event's highlights and successes.

Corporate Event Video and Photography Services by A&G Studio

A range of services tailored to showcase your corporate event in the best light, our on camera talent will ask all the rigth questions

Event photo and video servicesHire us for your next event

Our Corporate Event Video and Photo Services include:

Event photo and video coverage for your next conference

Professional Event Photography

Our skilled photographers capture high-quality visuals of keynote speakers, attendees, and memorable moments, weaving a visual story that reflects your event's atmosphere and success.

Event photo and video coverage for your next conference

Event Videography

Our experienced videographers record engaging footage, from speaker presentations and panel discussions to audience interactions and behind-the-scenes moments, crafting a captivating video narrative of your event.

Event photo and video coverage for your next conference

Video & Photo Editing

Our post-production team expertly edits and enhances your event's photos and videos, ensuring they align with your brand and convey the desired message. Highlight Reels: We create dynamic highlight reels that showcase the best moments from your event, perfect for sharing on social media, your website, or in promotional materials.

Event photo and video coverage for your next conference

Live Streaming

Expand your event's reach with our live streaming services, capturing and sharing your event in real-time with a wider audience. Ask about our multi-camera livestream capabilities

Event photo and video coverage for your next conference

Customized Event Albums

Preserve your event memories in a professionally designed, high-quality photo album, tailored to your brand and preferences.

Event photo and video coverage for your next conference

On Camera talent

Our professional on camera talent will handle all of the interviews at your event to ensure you and your team can run the event without worry. We'll ask the right questions to convey the importance of the day.

Event photo and video coverage for your next conference


Hire us ahead of your event to record interviews, acceptance speeches, design the artwork, animated bumpers, or anything else that will make your event a success

Event photo and video coverage for your next conference

Event space

With A&G powered by Vū we have event spaces available in Tampa, Orlando, Las Vegas and Nashville

Let A&G Studio Craft Engaging Content forYour Corporate Event

Promote and celebrate your event with stunning visuals from our skilled photographers and videographers

At A&G Studio, we're dedicated to enhancing your corporate events, be it a conference, meeting, or special occasion.

Our team excels in capturing these moments through skilled photography and videography, ensuring we vividly capture the essence of your event.But our services go beyond just capturing images and videos.

We create a range of content to amplify your event's impact. This includes crafting intro videos that set an engaging tone, conducting insightful interviews, and designing eye-catching animated graphics.

Trust A&G Studio to bring a professional and dynamic touch to your corporate events.

Corporate Video and Photo Services
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Ready to Capture the Highlights of Your Corporate Event with A&G Studio?

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Trust A&G Studio to immortalize the unforgettable moments of your corporate events. Our comprehensive video and photo services are designed to meet your unique needs and deliver stunning visuals that truly encapsulate your event's highlights and successes. Contact us today to learn more about how our corporate event video and photo services can help you showcase your event in the best light.

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