Discover A&G by Leica: Transforming LOCATIONs with Leica's Lidar Scanners for Unmatched 3D Mapping.

Unleash Precision with Leica's Lidar Technology: Scan Locations for Seamless Integration and Optimization in Unreal Engine, Perfect for LED Sound Stages and Virtual Productions.

Welcome to A&G by Leica, the ultimate solution for content creators looking to revolutionize their projects with Unreal Engine's real-time visual effects, immersive environments, and seamless integration. With access to immersive sound stages in Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa, and Nashville, we're able to utilize this technology nationwide. Leica's cutting-edge Lidar scanning technology empowers filmmakers, TV producers, and game developers to bring their creative visions to life like never before.To capture real-world locations and bring them into the studio, we leverage Leica's advanced Lidar scanning technology for optimization in Unreal Engine, perfect for LED sound stages and virtual productions. Ask about the Lidar scan technology available to us and get ready to launch your creativity into the ionosphere. But you better be wearing sunblock. Learn more about Leica scanners and their technology and scanning solutions by clicking here.

Transform Real-World Environments with Leica BLK LiDAR Scanning

Elevate Your Gaming, Film, and TV Productions with Cutting-Edge LiDAR Scanning Technology

Lidar CapabilitiesThrough our partnership with Leica 3D Scanners, featuring the RTC360 and BLK lines, A&G Studio brings state-of-the-art Lidar scanning technology to your projects. Our Lidar capabilities allow us to capture real-world locations with unparalleled precision. This process begins with on-site scanning, where Leica's equipment captures intricate details of the environment, creating high-resolution 3D point clouds. These scans accurately reflect every aspect of the location, ensuring nothing is missed.

Workflow Integration

1. Data Acquisition:
  The process starts with Leica's RTC360 and BLK scanners, which capture millions of data points per second, producing highly detailed 3D maps of real-world locations. This data is then transferred to our processing systems.2.

Data Processing:
  The raw Lidar data is processed using advanced software to create detailed and accurate 3D models. This step involves filtering noise, aligning scans, and generating a cohesive and precise 3D representation of the scanned site.3.

Importing to Unreal Engine:
  Once the 3D model is ready, it is imported into Unreal Engine. Here, our team optimizes the model for virtual production. This includes optimizing geometry, enhancing textures, and ensuring the model is ready for real-time rendering. The result is a digital environment that retains the accuracy and detail of the original scan.4.

Optimization for LED Sound Stages:
In Unreal Engine, the 3D models are further refined to ensure they are optimized for our LED sound stages. This involves adjusting lighting, adding visual effects, and fine-tuning the model to display perfectly on the large, high-resolution LED screens used in our sound stages. This step is crucial for creating immersive environments that are visually stunning and function seamlessly in virtual production settings.

Immersive Virtual Productions

The integration of Lidar scans into Unreal Engine allows for the creation of immersive environments that can be displayed with perfect clarity and detail on A&G's LED screens. These detailed environments serve as the perfect backdrop for any production, enhancing realism and depth. Whether you're recreating historic sites, designing complex sets, or creating entirely new worlds, our Lidar technology ensures every detail is captured and represented accurately.

Unparalleled Creative Freedom.

This technology offers unparalleled creative freedom, enabling filmmakers, game developers, and TV producers to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The detailed and accurate 3D environments created from Lidar scans can be manipulated and customized in Unreal Engine, allowing creators to experiment with different settings and scenarios without the constraints of physical sets.

Transform Your Content Creation

Contact us today to discover how A&G by Leica, combined with Unreal Engine and Leica's Lidar scanning technology, can transform your content creation process. Our innovative approach brings your most ambitious projects to life, providing a truly authentic and immersive experience for your audience.Learn more about our unique production partnership and how we can help elevate your projects to new heights.

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Collaborate with A&G by Leica for your next video project and experience the cutting-edge of video production technology.

Our advanced Lidar scanning capabilities, powered by Leica's state-of-the-art equipment, enable us to capture real-world locations with unmatched precision and detail.

This technology allows us to create highly accurate 3D models that can be seamlessly integrated into Unreal Engine, providing the perfect foundation for stunning visual effects and immersive environments.

In addition to our Lidar scanning services, we offer comprehensive production solutions including professional copywriting, expert recording, meticulous mixing, and seamless delivery services.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your brand's message is conveyed with impact and clarity, creating video commercials that truly resonate with your audience.

Whether you're looking to capture the essence of a real-world location or create an entirely new virtual environment, A&G by Leica has the expertise and technology to bring your vision to life.

We work closely with you through every step of the process, from initial concept to final delivery, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.Contact us today to get started on your next project.

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